Nailing it at South Mountain

I have to admit I was a little nervous for this mornings run, 22 miles at South Mountain (up and down hills) goal 7 min pace. I knew the weather would be hot and the run would be challenging. Lately when I have doubts I remember to just believe and let it happen. Training since Austin Marathon in Feb has gone better than I could expect, each workout just confirms the fact that I am getting ready to run a  sub 2:46 marathon! Any doubts are replaced with a workout gone well and a huge confidence booster!

I remember a 16 mile run here this past winter. I stood at the bottom alone and looked up at the mountain thinking no way this is happening today, my asthma was flared up I felt sick as a dog and it was 30 degrees. A little voice inside said “what if you tried?’ Well I did it successfully hitting the 16 mile run at the pace I wanted all by myself. That felt awesome! Just believe and let it happen.

Started today’s run with the amazing Ariana Hillborn, she got her qualifying time in Jan. We picked up veteran Susan Loken, 3x qualifier and Tere Zacher new running stud at mile 4 and headed up the mountain. Conversation was light and  I was basking in the great morning. Beautiful mountains, 3 awesome women to run with at my pace! You can not buy this at the local sports store and you would be hard pressed to find these kind of training partners anywhere in the country. Thank you ladies!!

We hit the turn around at end of San Juan Rd and was feeling good but boy was I hot. Needed to ration my powerade til my stash about 8 miles away. Took a gel at mile 7 and 13. Half way back on San Juan Rd I felt my pace slipping or the them getting faster. I told myself I just had to make a surge and stay with them, practicing for the race. It worked! With these strong ladies at my side I could do anything!

Flew down the mountain grabbed my powerade and noticed the heat setting in on the asphalt. Still about 8 more miles to go, I was thinking Yes I Can! We hit the cars at the bottom for some more fluids and headed out for the final 5. I realized that the last 2 were going to be uphill at the end of 22, ugh! Good training! Around mile 19 I mentioned that it was amazing we had run 19 miles and no one had complained (out loud). The power of positive thinking. Finished strong circling the parking lot with Susan. Avg pace 7 minutes, mission accomplished!

Did I mention I love my training partners!! I could not have done this without them today.


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  1. Ariana
    May 23, 2011 @ 11:30:17

    Love this! Great blog Kerry and fantastic writing!


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